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Whether it’s protecting the health of firefighters or helping farmers conserve water, there are numerous ways you can get involved in Call for Code open source projects. How will you answer the call?

Our mission

Call for Code invites developers and problem solvers around the world to build and contribute to sustainable, open source technology projects that address social and humanitarian issues, while ensuring the top solutions are deployed to make a demonstrable difference.


Developers, data scientists, and problem solvers have created a unique tech for good community

180 nations

Contributors from around the world created more than 20,000 apps for humanitarian issues.

Multiple ways to get involved

Call for Code has expanded into a broader, always-on, tech for good platform, providing additional opportunities to get involved beyond the yearly Global Challenge. Discover open source projects, including Call for Code for Racial Justice, where you can contribute to make a lasting difference.

Partner with Call for Code

You don’t have to be a developer to make a difference. Call for Code has the year-round support of enterprises, experts, humanitarian and international organizations, charitable partners, celebrities, and more. Explore the many ways you can support Call for Code.

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