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In addition, the company announced a new ‘Call for Code’ initiative that would use cloud, data, AI, and blockchain technologies to create systems that allow for better responses to natural disasters around the globe. Rometty said IBM would spend $30 million over five years to rally developers around this initiative.

IBM is an acknowledged leader in the use of blockchain for financial and enterprise reasons, and its Watson AI services are popular in certain areas like health care. So making these technologies available, along with the $30 million pledge, encourages coders to gain experience with IBM’s tech, while also serving a cause.
Business Insider

“We cannot attempt to prevent earthquakes from happening or prevent hurricanes from happening around the globe,” said Bob Lord, IBM’s chief digital officer, who dropped by Fortune’s offices to discuss the new program. “But what we can do is unleash our tools and other tools so developers can help geographic regions get prepared for those natural disasters that happen.”

From today until September 28, Argentine and world developers can participate in Call for Code, an initiative to create applications that mitigate risk in environmental disasters and help citizens recover as quickly as possible.
La Nacion (Argentina)

Call for Code en Salto atenderá la problemática de salud en inundaciones

Diario Cambio

June 11, 2019

Del 21 al 23 de junio se realizará en Salto el evento llamado Call for Code, sin precedentes, organizado por IBM Uruguay junto a Norte Tecnológico de Salto. El objetivo es hacer una hackathon para desarrollar propuestas que ayuden a mitigar los problemas que provocan las inundaciones, con foco en la salud. El evento tendrá lugar en las instalaciones de la Represa de Salto Grande, desde las 9 a las 17 horas cada día.

CallforCode se realizará en Salto

La Prensa

June 11, 2019

Del 21 al 23 de junio se realizará en Salto el evento llamado Call for Code, sin precedentes, organizado por IBM Uruguay junto a Norte Tecnológico de Salto. El objetivo es hacer una hackathon para desarrollar propuestas que ayuden a mitigar los problemas que provocan las inundaciones, con foco en la salud.

Call For Code en Salto atenderá la problemática de salud en las inundaciones

Diario El Pueblo

June 5, 2019

Del 21 al 23 de junio se realizará en Salto el evento llamado Call for Code, sin precedentes, organizado por IBM Uruguay junto a Norte Tecnológico de Salto. El objetivo es hacer una hackathon para desarrollar propuestas que ayuden a mitigar los problemas que provocan las inundaciones, con foco en la salud.

Puerto Rico lures tech developers as hurricane season looms

AP News

March 20, 2019

Young tech developers are roving Puerto Rico with laptops, transmitters and drones to test new systems that might help survivors communicate with authorities after a natural disaster and speed up response times to minimize deaths.

IBM is putting up $25 million to help disaster response startups scale

Fast Company

February 13, 2019

To do this, the group will have lots of help from IBM. In late 2018, Project Owl (short for Organization, Whereabouts, and Logistics) won IBM’s inaugural Call for Code competition for new open-sourced disaster and recovery ideas. The now annual competition kicked off IBM’s five-year $30 million commitment to support more social impact projects.

Red Hat cloud-native integration, Oracle Blockchain Platform, and Android Things

SD Times

February 13, 2019

IBM has announced a new four-year deployment initiative to implement projects developed during Call for Code in the communities where they are needed most. IBM will invest $25 million in this Code and Response initiative. It will offer resources for building, fortifying, testing, and implementing these solutions at scale. IBM will be partnering with the Information Technology Disaster Resource Center, which will be able to offer guidance in Puerto Rico based on its experience restoring network access there following hurricanes Irma and Maria.

IBM’s Code and Response is open source tech for natural disasters

Computer Weekly

February 13, 2019

Code and Response is supported by IBM, a number of international (but predominantly US) governmental links as well as NGO partners. A connected partnership with the Clinton Global Initiative University is hoped to provide college-age developers with the skills in line with this initiative. In its first year, Code and Response will pilot Project Owl, the winning solution from Call for Code 2018, in disaster-struck regions like Puerto Rico, North Carolina, Osaka, and Kerala.

Stopping a Wildfire with a Low-Cost Sensor Network

IEEE Spectrum

December 4, 2018

Team Lali, part of the Hacking House’s first class of would be entrepreneurs, had a solution—a low cost wireless sensor network—looking for a problem. Thanks to an opportune talk by a few firefighters, they found one—fast, cheap, and, they hope, effective wildfire detection.

Call for Code – Project OWL on the Advance Tech Podcast

Advance Tech Media

December 2, 2018

In this episode I spend some time with Dr. Angel Diaz, Vice President of Developer Technology, Open Source and Advocacy at IBM, and Bryan Knouse and Nick Feuer from Project OWL the winning team of the Call for Code hackathon.

Project OWL wins IBM’s 2018 Call for Code Global Challenge

App Developer Magazine

November 28, 2018

Project OWL (Organization, Whereabouts, and Logistics), an IoT and software solution that keeps first responders and victims connected in a natural disaster, has won the 2018 Call for Code Global Challenge.

IBM Names Their Finalists and Winner of the “Call for Code”

IoT Evolution World

November 14, 2018

IBM has named the finalists and crowned the ultimate winner of its Call for Code Global Initiative. This is the largest and most ambitious effort to bring startup, academic and enterprise developers together to solve one of the most pressing societal issues of our time: preventing, responding to and recovering from natural disasters. A panel of judges including former President Bill Clinton assisted in judging this contest.

Canadian-developed earthquake prediction app wins IBM’s Call for Code


November 9, 2018

A Canadian team has taken home first place in IBM’s internal Call for Code competition

Technology For Good: Inside Look At Winners of Call For Code

Silicon Valley Insider Podcast

November 9, 2018

The Inaugural Call For Code concludes with Global winners announced live on October 29th, 2018 8pm at the Regency Ballroom, San Francisco. Silicon Valley Insider host Keith Koo was onsite to meet with the founders of Call for Code and interview the winning team: Project Owl.

RPI freshman improving natural disaster response through coding

WNYT News Channel 13

November 2, 2018

A freshman at RPI has found a way to improve natural disaster response and recovery through coding. Jonah Mudse started coding during his junior year of high school. Two years later at 18-years old, he’s already taken his skill to the national level.

ECU alum-led disaster network project wins top honor, $200K in IBM code challenge (+ video)

WRAL TechWire

November 2, 2018

Disaster response startup Project OWL received top honors, $200,000, and the opportunity to work with global partners on worldwide implementation of their portable, easy-to-deploy network devices, the “ducklink,” at the culmination of IBM’s Call for Code Global Challenge. Owl stands for Organization, Whereabouts, and Logistic.

Project OWL Wins IBM’s Call for Code Challenge

Linux Journal

November 1, 2018

Project OWL is “an IoT and software solution that keeps first responders and victims connected in a natural disaster”. The team will receive $200,000 USD and will be able to deploy the solution via the IBM Corporate Service Corps.

Angel Diaz Issues a Call for Code


November 1, 2018

Angel Diaz Issues a Call for Code

IBM“代码行动”颁奖盛典开幕,Goopal Group鼎立支持

China Byte

October 31, 2018

United Action Network uses artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT) technology to address current social challenges.

Project Owl: Internet Providing “Clusterducks” Win IBM’s Disaster Relief Hackathon

RESET: Digital for Good

October 31, 2018

Project Owl, developed by a team of developers living across the US, is designed to provide a quick-to-establish communications network in the aftermath of major floods or hurricanes. Often, following such disasters, telecommunication networks are offline, with cellular, landline and internet connections severed by infrastructure damage and power cuts. Project Owl devised a system of interlinked internet-emitting floating buoys – eyebrow-raisingly dubbed ‘clusterducks’ – which could be released into disaster areas to provide basic communication support.

Instagram ephemeral story


October 31, 2018

”Badankor“ fixar wifi-nät vid katastrofer


October 31, 2018

De ser ut som små klungor av badankor. Men de små åttkantiga gummibollarna har en mycket viktigare uppgift – att tillsammans skapa ett mobilt nätverk i katastrofområden.

IBM’s Call to Code Prize Goes to a Team with “Clusterducks”


October 30, 2018

Now Project Owl has won IBM’s first ever Call for Code contest, which challenged developers across the world to build disaster relief technology using IBM and open-source software. More than 100,000 developers from 156 countries participated in the contest. A panel of judges including former President Bill Clinton selected Project Owl from a field of five finalists whose solutions ranged from using AI to speed up the rebuilding process after an earthquake to feeding firefighters live data during wildfires via sensors.

IBM anuncia os projetos vencedores do Call for Code

Revista News

October 30, 2018

A IBM, parceira fundadora do programa Call for Code, e a David Clark Cause, juntamente com os parceiros humanitários Conselho de Direitos Humanos das Nações Unidas e a Cruz Vermelha Americana, anunciam as soluções vencedoras do primeiro desafio global Call for Code./p>

IBM’s ‘Call for Code’ Winner is Announced

The Weather Channel

October 30, 2018

IBM asked software developers across the globe to come up with innovative disaster and response solutions, and thousands answered the call. Here’s the $200,000 winning solution to IBM’s “Call for Code.”

IBM holds event to help find solutions for disaster preparedness


October 30, 2018

IBM held its first ever “Call for Code” ceremony last night in San Francisco. The winner took home a very big prize. Willie Tejada, IBM General Manager and Chief developer advocate, and Nick Feuer, the Call for Code winning developer, stopped by and talked all about the event.

IBM is funding a fleet of rubber ducky-inspired gadgets to help disaster response

Fast Company

October 30, 2018

The classic rubber ducky has many attributes. It’s cute, tough, and super buoyant. For one team of coders, those kid-friendly, bath-time qualities inspired something more: a disaster response startup that just won $200,000 and the chance for worldwide implementation through IBM’s inaugural Call for Code competition.

In wake of hurricanes, IBM calls for coders to help deal with next disasters

WRAL TechWire

October 16, 2018

As many on North Carolina’s coast are still reeling from the effects of Hurricane Florence and others recover from Hurricane Michael, IBM is already working on better responses – if and when disaster strikes again.

How Your Life May Be Saved When the Next Natural Disaster Strikes


October 16, 2018

The program, called Call for Code, asked engineers to submit working ideas that may become pivotal tools for emergency preparedness and relief. Essentially, they want to “outthink” natural disasters.

Call for Code: $200k and a chance to save lives


September 18, 2018

Computer programmers across the world are trying to make a difference with Call for Code. It is a global challenge where participants compete to make an app that would be able to help in emergencies.

Call for Code Hackathon: Natural Disaster Preparedness and Relief Code Challenge

RPI News

September 13, 2018

Rensselaer hosts hackathon, part of multi-year challenge in partnership with IBM, David Clark Cause, United Nations Human Rights, and The American Red Cross

Call for Code Hackathon at Syracuse University

September 13, 2018

Syracuse University is taking part in an international 2-day event designed to help communities find more effective ways to use technology as they prepare for disasters.

Can ‘Hackers’ Use Computer Code to Help with Natural Disaster Response & Safety?


September 12, 2018

Syracuse University is about to host a hackathon focused on helping people and communities leading up to, during and after natural disasters.

Hackathon for good: Here’s why you should be part of Call for Code

Silicon Canals

September 12, 2018

Dubbed as ‘Call for Code,’ this initiative was introduced in partnership with United Nations Human Rights, The American Red Cross, David Clark Cause – a global leader in creating cause brands, and The Linux Foundation.

Call for Code Global Challenge Asks Devs to Help with Disaster Relief


September 10, 2018

The Call for Code Global Initiative, which aims to use developers’ skills to “drive positive and long-lasting change across the world with their code”, is running a challenge that asks developers to build solutions that aid in natural disaster preparedness and relief.

KSUM, Nasscom and IBM bring call for code to Kerala

The Economic Times India

September 7, 2018

KOCHI: The Kerala startup mission (KSUM) and Nasscom in collaboration with IBM commenced the call for code global challenge in Kerala at a two-day hackathon.

Call for Code Offers Chance to Win $200,000 and Tackle Natural Disasters

The Weather Company

September 6, 2018

We know all too well the incredible power of weather and its potential to leave a lasting, devastating impact. It can feel like a non-stop cycle of anticipation, preparation and, ultimately, exhaustion. That’s why this new project, Call for Code, was born, along with a grand prize of $200,000.

IBM Calls for Code and Relief for Puerto Rico

IoT Evolution

September 4, 2018

The program addresses the devastation caused by fires, floods, hurricanes, tsunamis and earthquakes. It benefits its charitable partners, which are the United Nations Human Rights and the American Red Cross.

Using Technology to Save Lives and Solve Societal Problems with host Keith Koo and Special Guest Bob Lord, Chief Digital Officer of IBM

The Silicon Valley Insider Show

August 31, 2018

On this week’s Silicon Valley Insider, host Keith Koo is reporting onsite at the Call For Code event at 42-Silicon Valley with the City of Fremont, CA, IBM & Tulip Industries.

Call for Code asks developers worldwide to collaborate on solutions to save lives

The O’Reilly Media Podcast

August 29, 2018

In an effort to help the communities of the world be better prepared to handle these tough situations, David Clark Cause launched Call for Code along with IBM as the founding partner.

Eclipse Foundation joins Call for Code


August 29, 2018

The Eclipse Foundation, a platform for open collaboration and innovation, has become the latest organisation to join the Call for Code Global initiative.

Code for Kerala: KSUM Joins Hands with IBM, NASSCOM

Blive News

August 29, 2018

In a unique initiative to create solutions to mitigate the fallout of natural disasters by improving preparedness for relief operations, the Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM) has planned a two-day hackathon from September 7 here for social good.

IBM partners with Indian tech firms for solutions to tackle natural disasters

The Financial Express

August 29, 2018

IBM today said it has partnered with a host of organisations, including Invest India, Wipro, and IT body Nasscom for its ‘Call for Code’ initiative that aims to build global solutions for disaster management.

Call for Code campaign tops Social Voice of 908 Million People in support of Natural Disaster Preparedness & Relief

David Clark Cause

August 20, 2018

On World Humanitarian Day, Celebrities that include Ellen DeGeneres,Justin Bieber, Trevor Noah, Pierce Brosnan, Kesha, Ryan Seacrest, Alyssa Milano, Joe Jonas, Luke Bryan, Trisha Yearwood, Marcia Gay Harden, Gisele Bundchen, Jared Leto, Cyndi Lauper, Nicole Scherzinger, and more, lent their social voices to support United Nations Human Rights, the American Red Cross and First Responders.

Persistent Systems to host 12-hour hackathon under IBM’s Call for Code initiative

The Economic Times India

August 19, 2018

Indian IT firm Persistent Systems and IBM will host a 12-hour hackathon on August 24 as part of the US-based company’s ‘Call for Code’ programme which aims to build global solutions for disaster management. Persistent, which is one of the partners for the programme, will conduct the hackathon at its offices in Pune, Nagpur and Goa.

Justin Bieber, Kesha & More Stars to Support World Humanitarian Day

Entertainment Tonight

August 16, 2018

To show support, Hollywood’s finest, as well as dignitaries and social advocates are helping spread the word to support the brave efforts of humanitarians by participating in the #CallforCode global social campaign, which helps people prepare for and recover from natural disasters.

7 Caribbean Countries Submitted Entries To Answer The Global Call For Code

Silicon Caribe

August 14, 2018

Caribbean developers from Antigua and Barbuda, Curaçao, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Sint Maarten, Trinidad and Tobago have submitted 100+ entries that would use cloud, data, AI, and blockchain technologies to create systems that allow for better responses to natural disasters around the globe.

Casa llena en el reto Call for Code de IBM

El Nuevo Día

August 4, 2018

Cerca de 200 desarrolladores, emprendedores y estudiantes compiten desde ayer hasta hoy en el reto de desarrollo Call for Code de IBM, que se lleva a cabo en el espacio de cotrabajo Engine-4 en Bayamón.

IBM teams up with humanitarian consultants to support disaster relief

IT Business Canada

July 20, 2018

The impact of natural disasters is growing every year, making their prediction, prevention, mitigation and recovery even more difficult.

IBM looking for developers to help prepare for natural disaster


July 17, 2018

Calling all Austin techies! IBM is looking for developers to create apps to help before, during or after a natural disaster.

Coders called upon to ‘hack’ natural calamities

The New Indian Express

July 12, 2018

Initiative aims to get coders to focus on developing solutions that ‘reduce human suffering and the number of people affected by natural disasters’

IBM tackles natural disaster relief as founding partner for Call for Code

IBM Developer

July 9, 2018

You never know — one day you may benefit in some way from natural disaster relief that results from this global all-hands-on-deck for coders and friends.

The field guide to aiding in natural disasters and deploying life-saving code

Mobile Business Insights

July 5, 2018

I’ve learned most of these tips doing real fieldwork, and I hope more developers will use these insights as motivation to contribute ideas and finished code to the 2018 Call for Code initiative.

IBM’s Call for Code of Cloud, Data, AI, Blockchain for Natural Disaster Relief

IoT Evolution

June 25, 2018

Its goal is to unite the world’s developers and tap into data and AI, blockchain, cloud and IoT technologies to address social challenges.

Tackling Natural Disasters with Call for Code

The Market Mogul

June 14, 2018

Though the Call for Code initiative would not stop natural disasters from occurring, its aim is to prepare for and prevent the deadly impacts that come along with such catastrophes.

Call For Code: IBM Invites Blockchain, AI, IoT & Cloud Solutions To Natural Disaster-Related Problems


June 4, 2018

Software Giant IBM Has Committed To Investing $30 Mn In The Call For Code Challenge In The Next Five Years

The first Call for Code Challenge is a contest for apps that do what?

Government Technology

June 1, 2018

The Call for Code Challenge was launched this year by a partnership of David Clark Cause, American Red Cross, the United Nations’ Human Rights Office and IBM.

IBM’s “Call for Code” Contest Aims to Crowdsource Natural Disasters Solutions

Yahoo! Finance

May 30, 2018

Contestants will be given access to IBM’s technology and tools, and the company will award a total of $30 million in funding over 5 years to the winning entries.

IBM Pledges $30 Million for Techies to Fight Natural Disasters


May 30, 2018

IBM is partnering with Red Cross, the United Nations’ Human Rights Office, and the Linux Foundation, on the effort.

Imagine that: Technology being used for good

May 25, 2018

This year’s challenge is aimed at creating technology-led solutions to mitigate the impact of natural disasters – with the ultimate goal of saving lives.

IBM Leads ‘Call for Code’ to Use Cloud, Data, AI, Blockchain for Natural Disaster Relief

IBM News Room

May 24, 2018

$30 million, 5-year IBM investment unites developers to solve pressing social issues; benefits UN Human Rights Office, Red Cross in partnership with Linux Foundation and creator David Clark Cause

Coding for Catastrophe: Contest Seeks Apps to Mitigate Effects of Natural Disasters

IEEE Spectrum

May 24, 2018

Got a great idea for an app to help people deal with a natural disaster? Call for Code wants to hear from you.

IBM Leads ‘Call for Code’ to Use Cloud, AI for Natural Disaster Relief


May 24, 2018

Call for Code invites developers to create new applications to help communities and people better prepare for natural disasters.

IBM will give $200,000 to a team that can come up with a solution for natural disaster relief

Business Insider

May 24, 2018

IBM, which is working with the United Nations Human Rights Office and the American Red Cross, is pledging $30 million over five years to the program. The money will go toward developer tools, technologies, free code and training with experts.

Call for Code initiative looks to technology for disaster relief

ITP Digital Media

May 24, 2018

The initiative was created by David Clark Cause and is supported by IBM, The Linux Foundation, American Red Cross and United Nations Human Rights Office.

IBM commits $30M for tech to aid natural disaster relief

American City Business Journals

May 24, 2018

CEO Ginni Rometty has committed IBM technology and $30 million over five years to the Call for Code Global Initiative, an effort to bring startup, academic and enterprise developers together to find better ways to prevent, respond to and recover from natural disasters.