Commit to the Cause

The Call for Code 2019 Global Challenge has closed.
Come back later for our 2020 Challenge details

Why Commit?
The Benefits

When you commit to the cause, you’re recognizing the developers have the power to save lives through the solutions they create. You have an opportunity to spread the word to your organization and your networks in several ways: email, social posts, graphics and through every conversation you have about the initiative.

The Call for Code Global Initiative will officially recognize you once you organization’s Twitter account tweets with our hashtag (#CallforCode) and a social graphic that we provide.

If a significant amount of developers sign up using your unique code, you’ll receive tickets to the award event and benefit concert in October. If your developers win the challenge, your company name will be announced at the award event.

What do you have to Give?
How to Commit

Commit your leadership
Leaders who commit to the Cause are asked to forward emails, talk about the initiative, and drive general awareness of the cause within the company. There is no expectation to allow your developers the time to build Call for Code solutions during your organization’s time, but it would be appreciated by both Call for Code, and your developers.

Commit your time to orchestrate a team
Leaders will receive a series of emails that we would like you to send to your developers, and as the project nears the end, developers who have signed up for Call for Code. They contain all of the information for your developers to become a part of Call for Code, as well as place to insert your unique tracking sign up for your developers.

Commit to a timeline
The emails have a suggested date on them. There are 4 emails to forward in total between when you Commit to the Cause and the last email being sent approximately July 5th, 2019.

Commit to going the extra mile for change
Once you receive the names of those who have volunteered their time, there is potentially some dedicated time that could be given to those individuals. They may also reach out to you as the person who sends the emails with questions, fielding them to the Call for Code Slack would work. But you can be as hands-on as you’d like!

Beyond committing to change you can push for change
If you’re able to have your developers spend your organizations time on this initiative, and would like to schedule a formal event to kick off their coding efforts, then we would suggest looking at Push for Change.