Push for Change

The Call for Code 2019 Global Challenge has closed.
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Retain top talent and improve employee engagement by committing to social impact.

More than half of workers say that “a job where I can make an impact” is important to their professional happiness.

Provide developers with skill-building opportunities across top technologies like cloud, data, and AI.

Decrease time to deployment for critical applications.

Run hands-on technical training days and receive coaching from IBM developer advocates.

When you Push for Change

You’ll receive official recognition from the Call for Code initiative once you organization’s Twitter handle posts a message of support using our hashtag (#CallforCode) and a social media graphic we provide.

If a significant amount of developers sign up using your unique code, you’ll receive tickets to the award event in October. If your developers win the challenge, your company name will be announced at the award event.

Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/jeannemeister/2012/06/07/the-future-of-work-corporate-social-responsiblity-attracts-top-talent/#2e66cace3f95

What do we need to
do to participate?

Push the initiative in your organization
Leaders who sign up to Push for Change, are committing to partner, with some help from IBM, to promote and run a formal initiative within their organization. The initiative kicks off with a Call for Code day, followed by additional time spent by developers in your organization to build and submit their Call for Code solutions. You decide when and where to host the Call for Code day, as well as the quantity of developers from your organization that will participate.

Push your developers to good
You’ll receive a kit that contains digital content to help you plan and execute the Call for Code day as well as email templates to use to keep the drumbeat going in your organization around the Call for Code. The emails contain all of the information for your developers to become a part of Call for Code, as well as place to insert your unique tracking sign up for your developers.

Push the timeline
The Call for Code day, which runs much like a short hackathon, takes several weeks to plan depending on the size and scope. It should be held with enough time to allow at least 3 more weeks of solution development before the challenge closing date of July 29, 2019.

Push free training from IBM and get swag
In the digital content you will find a field guide that you can follow or adapt as appropriate for your organization that will help you run the Call for Code day. IBM will provide free online training for your developers to attend to learn about the use cases and reference code patterns. And, IBM will send you a box of items (think: T-shirts, stickers, and more) that you can use to make it a great event.

Push to advocate for developers and volunteers
After the Call for Code day has completed, keep in mind that the journey has just started. Advocate for those individuals who have volunteered their time to participate in the Call for Code day to get a little more dedicated time to work on their projects. They may also reach out to you as the person who sends the emails with general questions, fielding them to the IBM Coder community would work.

Push to communicate with IBM and other captains
After you register your organization in the Push for Change, you will receive a link to join the Call for Code Slack where you will be added to a private channel shared by other Captains and the IBM Call for Code team. This slack channel will also allow you to get first notifications of updates and new content to help with your delivery of the Call for Code day.